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Rajneet Kaur

Rajneet Kaur    

Director of LifeBack Tax

Hi! My name is Rajneet Kaur and I am a Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. My family is originally from Jalandar, Punjab in India. We moved to California when I was 11. As a business owner himself, my father always encouraged me to pursue a career in which I was passionate about.

I graduated from the California State University of Northridge with a bachelor's degree in accounting and received my Master's in Business Administration at age 22. Before venturing into the tax resolution niche, I began working in traditional accounting, but it was not my cup of tea. I had a desire to work directly with clients to understand their financial needs fully.

I started my tax resolution career by working as an intern for one of the nation's leading tax resolution companies during my undergraduate program. After working in the tax resolution industry for many years, I realized my passion for helping innocent taxpayers was the driving force behind my work. This passion led me to Lifeback Tax, which allowed me to grow with the company. I truly enjoy helping clients and it can be overwhelming to see that I may have made an impact in their lives!

After 15 years in the tax resolution industry, I can confidently say that I know the IRS like the back of my hand! My team and I have successfully settled debts for qualified clients at 95% of the original amount owed. As someone passionate about my work, I make sure my team exhausts every resolution possible for our clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to help families and individuals get their lives back through tax relief.