Financial matters can be daunting, especially when dealing with IRS back tax. At LifeBack Tax Relief, we understand the importance of transparency and clarity in the journey toward financial freedom. That’s why we offer a complimentary service that sets us apart.  

When you choose LifeBack Tax relief, you gain access to a comprehensive analysis of your IRS transcripts. Here’s how our free IRS transcript analysis works and what you’ll get out of it. 

A complete financial report:

Our dedicated team contacts the IRS or state on your behalf to retrieve essential information about your tax situation this includes;

  • Balance owed: Knowing the exact amount you owe is crucial as it provides clarity on your outstanding tax amount. You will find out the current balance, interest and penalties for each year. 
  • Missing tax returns: If you have unfiled tax returns, we identify them during the analysis. Ensuring that nothing is overlooked. We also confirm with the IRS/state  if any of the returns were assessed/filed by the IRS/State. 
  • Filing status: Your filing status impacts your tax liability and outcome of the tax resolution on your file. Hence, we verify your current status for accuracy.  
  • Federal tax lien: Our analysis reveals whether any federal tax liens have been filed against you. 
  • Collection status: We determine if your account is in collections and whether it is subject to enforcement actions. 
Missing tax returns solutions

If our analysis identifies missing tax returns we take it a step further. We order wage and income (all your income docs, interest, dividends,etc )data to assist you in preparing these returns. Alternatively, you can choose to have us handle the process for you. This ensures that all your tax obligations are met promptly and accurately. 

Account transcript your financial roadmap

One of the most valuable components of our free IRS transcript analysis is the account transcript. Think of it as a “bank statement” for each tax year.  This document provides information regarding your account balance, interest and penalties as well as your complete tax history.

Expert insights and analysis

Our dedicated tax resolution experts have over 25 years of combined experience. With their expertise they accurately decipher your IRS/state tax history. This means you’re not just receiving raw data, you’re gaining insights that can shape your approach to resolving your IRS tax matter permanently.

Clarity on your IRS risk profile

Our transcript analysis goes beyond numbers. We provide a breakdown of your risk for collecting IRS payment history, the collection statute expiration date and any tax liens or levies whether released or filed. With this knowledge you can make informed decisions about your back taxes and the best resolution approach.

What you need to do:

Once you provide us with the necessary information by completing the information in the below box, our team will send you necessary tax documents to sign/date.  We will need a wet signature on all forms.  You can email, fax or mail in the form us to perform the tax investigation.  Once the forms are received, please allow 3-5 business days for the IRS investigation.  For states, the time frame will be longer since each state has its process.  As soon as we have results, a tax analyst will contact you to review the information and discuss the next plan of action. 

Your path to debt relief begins here at LifeBack Tax relief. We believe that financial clarity is the first step toward lasting debt relief. Our free IRS transcript analysis is designed to empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your tax situation. 

We understand that every individual’s financial journey is unique and our tailored approach ensures that you’re on the path to financial freedom. So, before you choose us to help you secure debt relief, take advantage of our FREE IRS transcript analysis. It’s your key to unlocking a brighter financial future!

Free IRS Transcript Analysis

Normally valued at $1500.00 but we offer it for FREE!

You deserve to know your account balance with interest and penalties. We offer this service not just for the IRS but state as well.

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