About Us

Who We Are

LifeBackTax Relief was introduced in 2011. Driven by the vision of the company’s director, Rajneet K. Singh. Rajneet’s career in the accounting industry exposed a problem that troubled many of her clients: a deep lack of understanding of the intricacies of taxation. This insight gave rise to the concept for LifeBack Tax Relief.

Our goal has been clear from the beginning. First and foremost, we want to free taxpayers from the burden and stress of unpaid taxes. Secondly, we want to arm our clients with information regarding their state and federal tax obligations. Lastly, educate taxpayers from owing any future tax years.  Our primary goal has always been to inform our clients so they may make well-informed choices and avoid further debt accumulation.

At LifeBackTax Relief, our team has experienced individuals, each with a deep rooted commitment to unraveling the intricacies of tax codes and helping our clients decode them. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we all share a common goal – to provide assistance that genuinely helps people. With strong values and an abundance of knowledge, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

You may be considering settling on your own or hiring a random tax relief firm to help you. But, it’s not easy. Choosing the right professional to help you can make all the difference in your results.

Our highly qualified staff has certifications with the State Bar of California, the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, and more!

We are an A+ accredited business established with the Better Business Bureau since 2012.

We won't take on your case unless we know we can help. We strive to always be honest and transparent with our clients.

“We specialize in tax resolution. Our team has diligently studied both federal and state tax laws. We have achieved many different types of settlements for our clients, such as:​”

Our success speaks for itself.

Since the beginning, we have always approached tax relief with our client’s needs in mind. That’s why so many people love us! Check out our Better Business BureauGoogle reviews and Social Media to see why people can’t stop raving about us!

What We Do To Help You With Tax Debt Relief

Since our inception, our goal has always been to relieve and educate. We like to keep it as simple as possible for our clients. Tax jargon is already confusing enough. We’re here to translate the tax code and find the answers to your tax problems

By working closely with our clients and establishing positive relationships, our team is able to determine the “cause and solution” to each client’s situation. Debt comes in many different forms and in order to truly resolve it, we must dig deep. By taking the time to truly understand each individual case, we are able to efficiently and successfully settle debts for our clients.

Why We’re Different From Other Tax Debt Relief Companies

Let’s face it– there are millions of tax relief companies out there for you to choose from. Many people give in to temptation and hire a franchised firm to resolve their debts. However, resolving tax debt requires a dedicated professional who truly knows the tax resolution’s ins and outs.

At Lifeback Tax, our team is devoted to determining the best settlement for each client. We have resolved plenty of unique cases and are well versed in federal AND state tax laws. Rather than demanding payment upfront and rushing through the process, our team is trained to take their time in understanding and resolving each case. We won’t take on your case unless we know we can help you! We also offer payment plans for our clients with intense financial burdens. Our determination to fight for our clients is the key factor in our tax debt relief high success rate!

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