Currently – Non- Collectible State (CNC)

Currently – Non- Collectible State (CNC)

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status is a back tax relief program offered by the IRS to taxpayers who are unable to pay the current outstanding balance due to the IRS. In order to qualify for the CNC status, the IRS will review your financials and request supporting documents if needed such as bank statements, pay stubs, monthly bills and prove that you are unable to pay and exhaust the equity from your assets. 

Navigating the path to CNC tax relief requires filing Form 433-F, the Collection Information Statement, along with supporting documents. After submission, the IRS runs your financials, carefully analyzes your account to decide whether or not you have qualified for the program. If the IRS accepts your hardship status, you will get a confirmation letter in the mail 14 days after the manager has approved it.

When you’re granted CNC tax relief resolution, a notable shift occurs in your favor. All IRS collection activities cease under the status code 53, all collection activities; No more intimidating notices, no wage garnishments, no property seizures, because your account is no longer in the collection department. However, bear in mind that while collection actions pause, interest and penalties on your tax obligations keep accruing during this period. Most of the taxpayers who qualify for the CNC status are often also eligible for the Offer In Compromise (OIC).

The IRS normally requests to review your financials in the future after 2 years – once in the CNC status. If you partner with LifeBack Tax Relief, our certified tax professionals will assist you in navigating the intricate IRS CNC application process. Moreover, we will achieve a structured resolution for you by devising a comprehensive plan. After all, we are committed to alleviating your financial stress.

You can rely on our experts to walk you through each step of the process – if CNC status aligns with your circumstances. We will safeguard your financial future by ensuring accurate documentation and effective communication with the IRS. So, stay stress-free and let us handle everything. For a FREE consultation, call us anytime.

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IRS Currently Not Collectible  status is a financial hardship status granted by the IRS to taxpayers facing severe financial difficulties. It temporarily halts all collection activities, providing relief from wage garnishments, property seizures, and collection letters. While in CNC status, however, the back taxes continues to accrue interest and penalties.

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