Sales and Use Tax

Sales and Use Tax

Sales tax is the percentage amount charged on the sales of goods and services from customers. This amount is collected from customers and paid to the government by businesses. The amount charged varies from state to state. As a responsible citizen, you should be well aware of the tax charged in your area. 

Although sales and use tax seems simple, businesses still face challenges when it comes to filing and paying your sales tax. If a business owes sales tax or falls behind on payments consequences can be significant. Unpaid sales tax can lead to penalties, interest charges, and even legal collection actions against taxpayers.

The government has the authority to seize assets, issue tax liens, file judgements and resort to other measures to recover the owed amount. In such situations, expert tax relief services like Lifeback Tax Relief can play a crucial role. We have in-depth knowledge of tax codes and regulations which we use to assess a business’s financial situation, negotiate with state tax authorities, and develop a debt relief plan to resolve the tax issue. 

Having more than 25 years of combined experience in the tax industry. We have seen many well-established businesses suffer due to ignorance of sales taxes. In most cases, companies do not have an efficient sales tax calculator team. Due to miss calculations, the amount keeps getting more every month.  We have also seen business being shut down due to non-compliance, professional licenses being revoked, vehicle tags revoked and personally being assessed for unpaid sales tax. 

Please Call us today to prevent collection action against your accounts or your business, get educated on how to stay in compliance with your sales tax requirement, and possibly get a settlement for the amount owed.

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Sales tax with the state is the percentage tax that is charged on purchases of goods and services, businesses collect it from customers to pay to the government. State-by-state variations in sales tax rates are added to the final price during invoicing.

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