IRS/State Financial Analysis

IRS/State Financial Analysis

Uncertainty about IRS debt relief programs, fear of hefty fees, and concerns about eligibility can be overwhelming. We understand these worries and to help ease the burden of our clients we offer a game-changing solution: The IRS/State Financial Analysis. 

What Is The IRS/State Financial Analysis

Our IRS/State Financial Analysis is your first step towards a brighter financial future. here’s how it works 

  • Thorough IRS Investigation We start our investigation by contacting the IRS or state regarding your tax situation. This helps us know your balance due, interest penalties, and collection status and helps us identify any missing tax returns. 
  • One-time Collection Hold We secure for you a one-time collection hold providing you with immediate relief from the stress and pressures of any enforcement action. 
  • Simple Questionnaire You’ll receive a user-friendly questionnaire along with a request for necessary supporting documents. Your active participation is key to this process. 
  • Comprehensive Financial Assessment Our experts use the information you provide to prepare comprehensive financials. These documents reveal the resolution options you qualify for, giving you valuable insights into your financial future. 
  • Expert Review Before you make any decisions, a licensed tax professional carefully reviews all the information. This ensures you’re equipped to make informed choices about your tax situation.

Benefits You Can Count On

choosing our IRS/State Financial Analysis offers you various benefits including: 

  • Cost-effective At just $1099 it’s an affordable investment in your financial peace of mind.  A typical tax resolution with a tax resolution form can be on average $5,000. With this option, you are getting a better insight into the tax resolution option available for you to make a better-informed decision.  If you decide to retain our services to negotiate the entire case, the $1099.00 will be applied to the entire case fee. 
  • Confidence In Your Decision With the financial analysis we provide you will get a clear picture of what back tax relief programs are for before committing to a tax resolution plan.
  • Informed Choices With comprehensive financials, you’ll make decisions aligned with your best interests and be able to weigh out the best possible options for your tax situation. 

At LifeBackTax Relief, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and providing accessible solutions to their tax challenges. Our IRS/State Financial Analysis is a game changer offering you clarity, affordability, and confidence on your path to financial relief. don’t let uncertainty hold you back. take the first step toward a brighter financial future today! 

Free IRS Transcript Analysis

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