Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief is an important provision within the tax code that offers relief to innocent spouses from paying federal tax owed by the spouse filed on a joint tax return.

Innocent Spouse Relief

In order to qualify for the Innocent Spouse relief, the following must be met:

  1. Joint Tax Return: The request must concern a jointly filed tax return with the spouse responsible for the tax liability. Once a joint return has been filed, the return can’t be amended to amend the filing status.
  2. Lack of Awareness: The seeking spouse must prove their lack of knowledge regarding erroneous reporting or understatements on the shared tax return.
  3. Non-Benefit: The seeking spouse should demonstrate that they did not significantly gain from the tax evasion or understated taxes.
  4. Equity and Justice: Considering all factors, it should be proved unjust and inequitable to hold the seeking spouse accountable for the tax obligation.

Initiating the Application Process

To start an application for Innocent Spouse Relief, the seeking spouse needs to submit IRS Form 8857, the Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. This form necessitates showcasing a clear picture of the jointly filed tax returns, circumstances leading to the tax obligation, and evidence showing the seeking spouse’s lack of involvement.

Types of Innocent Spouse Relief:
  1. Innocent Spouse Relief: Applicable when one spouse inaccurately reports taxes without the awareness of the other spouse.
  2. Separation of Liability Relief: This option apportions the tax owed between the spouses based on their contributions to the liability.
  3. Equitable Relief: Relevant when neither of the above options suffices, yet it remains unjust to hold the seeking spouse responsible for the tax owed.

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Innocent Spouse­ Relief, a provision in the tax code­, offers assistance to individuals who were­ unaware of or did not contribute to their spouse 's errors or balance due on tax matters.

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