Tax preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services

Needless to say, tax preparation is a very daunting task. After all, it can be overwhelming to ensure accurate filings, navigate complicated tax legal guidelines, and meet cut-off dates. But with LifeBack Tax Relief by your side, you do not have to stress about anything. We simplify tax filing and consultancy for you.

Why Tax Preparation Matters

Unlike what most people think, tax preparation matters a great deal. Besides, you – as a taxpayer – should know that it is illegal to delay filing your tax return. Additionally, there are various reasons behind why accurate tax filings are essential. For instance, it helps you avoid costly mistakes and ensures compliance with the law. Clearly, if there are errors in filing or if you are late, it can lead to unwanted penalties and a whole lot of stress.

Our Comprehensive Tax Preparation Services

At LifeBack Tax Relief, we make your life easier by offering you a wide range of tax preparation services. Because we specialize in both federal and state tax preparation, we can easily handle your any and every tax need. Moreover, we are committed to prepare every return with high accuracy and proper compliance. You can also rely on us to prepare business tax returns such as S Corporation, C Corporation and Partnership returns.

Filing Overdue Returns

Overdue tax returns are quite common, especially when life gets in the way. Most of our clients have more than a few years of missing tax returns. The thought of filing the return, having additional balances leads to a lot of anxiety and loss of sleep for many. But if you want to catch up on your late filings, you need help from LifeBack Tax Relief. After all, we work with our clients to minimize any penalty or interest charged on your taxes for minimizing your owed balance – if any. 

Maximizing Tax Credits and Deductions

Identifying eligible tax credits and deductions is one of the keys to paying less in taxes. And we have skilled experts in this area. With our help, you will not miss out on potential savings. Undoubtedly, we will ensure that you keep more of your hard earned money.

Working with Tax Professionals

Our team of experienced tax professionals represent you in dealings with the IRS. You can rely on us to support you by working with you to respond to any notice you might receive from the IRS. Clearly, with us by your side, facing the IRS alone is not an option.

Meeting Deadlines and Filing Late

Typically, the federal tax deadline is April 15. It is very crucial that you meet this tax deadline. You should know that the state deadlines may vary. So, if you are running late, let us assist. We will politely and professionally guide you through requesting extensions and addressing late filings.

Essential Tax Documents

For accurately preparing taxes, you need essential tax documents. For example, W-2s, 1099s, and more. If you need help in organizing and submitting these documents correctly, let us know. At LifeBack Tax Relief, we have the experts to assist you in a smooth tax preparation process.We can request up to 10 years of previous wage and income data from the IRS to assist you in filing your missed tax returns.

How LifeBack Tax Relief helps you

We are your reliable go-to if you want to make the tax preparation stress-free. After all, we have a personalized approach and high tax expertise to ensure that you receive a top-notch service. With our help, you easily navigate the complexities of taxes. Moreover, this easy navigation grants you a peace of mind. Ultimately, we save your hard-earned income with proper and precise tax preparation. If you need a FREE consultation or need help with tax preparation, feel free to contact us right away. Your financial stability is just a click away!

Free IRS Transcript Analysis

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