Partial Pay Installment Agreement

Partial Pay Installment Agreement

Are you struggling with back taxes? LifebackTax Relief is a tax relief and consultancy agency dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve their unpaid taxes. For taxpayers that do not qualify for an Offer In Compromise, Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA) might be the perfect solution as part of the fresh start initiative by the IRS. This agreement provides financial relief by lowering tax obligations for taxpayers.

What is a Partial Pay Installment Agreement?

A PPIA offers several advantages to taxpayers who are unable to pay their unpaid taxes in full. Some key benefits include:

Reduced Payment Amount:

Under a PPIA, taxpayers can make reduced monthly payments based on their ability to pay. This allows taxpayers to make small monthly payments based on their financial ability to pay until Collection Statue of Expiration (CSED) date.  This is also known as back end settlement because over the long run, the taxpayers end up paying significantly less than the original amount owed to the IRS.

Protection from IRS Collection Actions:

As long as the taxpayer complies with the requirements of the PPIA, the IRS will stop taking further collection measures such as bank levies, wage garnishments, or property seizures. Your account is  no longer under the collection department. 

There are several essential components to qualify for the program. Firstly, taxpayers must have financial difficulty supported by documentation that includes income, expenses, and assets statements. Second, compliance with tax filing requirements is essential, all previous tax returns must be filed. Last but not least, the ability to pay is crucial, taxpayers need to demonstrate their ability to make regular payments based on their income, spending, and other financial commitments as established by the IRS.

 LifebackTax Relief is the nation’s leading tax resolution firm that specializes in offering knowledgeable advice and advocacy throughout the PPIA procedure.  We will help you prepare and submit the necessary IRS documentation to the IRS. Our PPIA services include an in-depth analysis of your financial record done by our team of expert resolution specialists leaving no room for error and mistakes. 

If your financial condition and situation doesn’t qualify you for an OIC, the PPIA might be the next best option for you.  By working with LifebackTax Relief, you can trust that our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring your eligibility and securing the best possible terms. Contact us right away to learn more about this program and get the maximum benefit from it.

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