Failure to file tax returns in the US can result in major consequences with both the IRS/state. However, we aim to provide our clients with maximum knowledge and skilled advice to help them make informed decisions, and the  tools needed to get in compliance and file your unfiled tax returns with both the IRS and the state. Everyone has to file their federal tax return and most states also require state income tax returns be filed.  There are some states that do not require you to file a state tax return. 

A tax return that hasn’t been submitted to the IRS by the due date is known as a “non-filed tax return,” and if left unchecked, it can lead to several issues. Such as the IRS filing the tax return on your behalf known as Substitute For Return (SFR) and assessment done by the state.

Along with that, failure to file your tax return by the due date can lead to up to a 25% failure to file a penalty and if there is a balance due, you can get hit with additional failure to pay a penalty up to 25%. 

By law, you must file the last six years of tax returns. If you have not filed your tax return in the last six years and the IRS has not SFR’s you, you may not have to file the missing tax return.This rule is different for each state and you might be required to file more than the last six years of tax returns.

Tax problems and IRS notices can be scary and confusing. LifeBack Tax Relief’s team specializes in helping people file their unfiled tax returns and get taxpayers in compliance with both the IRS and the corresponding state. Compliance is a must especially if a taxpayer with back taxes is seeking a debt relief program 

The non-filed tax returns can lead to severe implications imposed by the IRS and the state. The IRS has the authority to charge taxpayers with failure to file a penalty which can be 25% of the total tax amount.

Our team of certified Tax Resolution Specialists can help you save your business income and your taxable amounts by maximizing deductions, credits, and exemptions allowed by the law. They will ensure compliance for you, order necessary income documents known as wage and income data to prepare your current and missing back years.  If due to non-compliance, a taxpayer is unable to receive a refund or is facing enforcement action such as wage garnishment, bank levies, or filing of federal tax liens, our team will  represent your case in front of the IRS and get you the best possible tax relief allowed by law.

It is never too late to handle non-filed tax returns and restore financial control of your account with the IRS. Our team will be by your side every step of the way and guide you through the debt relief process. call today for A FREE CONSULTATION and gain your financial freedom.

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Yes! Especially if you are dealing with wage garnishment, bank levies, or the filing of federal tax liens, our team can prepare you to face the IRS and negotiate a great deal for you.

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