Rajneet K Singh

Your trusted tax resolution specialist

Rajneet K Singh embodies a level of expertise and commitment that sets her apart as a leading authority in the tax resolution industry. Her credentials as an enrolled agent and certified tax resolution specialist are a testament to her extensive knowledge, experience, roots, and aspirations.

Hailing from a family originally from India, Rajneet’s journey brought her to California at a young age. Raised by a business owner’s father, she imbibed the value of pursuing a career driven by passion. Her path unfolded as a testament to her dedication to becoming a prominent figure in the realm of tax resolution.

Educational Excellence
Rajneet’s academic journey includes a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the California State University of Northridge. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to attain a master’s in business administration at the remarkable age of 22, reflecting her unwavering commitment to excellence.

From Numbers To People
While her career initially revolved around traditional accounting, Rajneet’s true calling emerged. She possessed a deep-seated desire to engage directly with clients, comprehend their financial concerns, and forge solutions that could genuinely alleviate their burdens. This passion steered her toward exploring the intricate field of tax resolution.

The Path To Expertise
 Rajneet’s voyage into tax resolution commenced during her undergraduate years when she served as an intern with one of the nation’s premier tax resolution companies. over time, her dedication and passion became undeniable. The realization that she could profoundly impact the lives of innocent taxpayers through her work ignited an unwavering determination.

Lifeback Tax Relief: a catalyst for growth
Lifeback Tax Relief provided the ideal platform for Rajneet’s expertise to flourish, accumulated 17 years of experience in the tax resolution industry, and Rajneet possesses an unparalleled familiarity with its intricacies. Her comprehension of IRS operations is as profound as it is intimate, and her team mirrors her unwavering commitment to client prosperity.

Effecting change, one client at a time
Rajneet’s true differentiator is her passion for aiding clients, together with her team, they exhaust every avenue to resolve back taxes, boasting a track record of successfully settling debts for eligible clients at 95% of the original amount owed, Rajneet’s dedication is nothing short of remarkable. 

Rajneet K Singh’s narrative exemplifies the transformational potency of dedication and passion. Her mission is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful: to empower families and individuals to reclaim their lives through tax relief. Aligning with Rajneet and Lifeback Tax Relief is not merely securing a tax resolution specialist- it’s forging a trusted partnership committed to your financial well-being. when you choose Rajneet, you’re not only tapping into expertise; you’re tapping into a results-driven dedication that bypasses expectations. 

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