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Tax attorneys are lawyers who specialize in tax laws. A tax attorney has specialized education and tax law training that distinguishes them from other attorneys. Although tax attorneys can represent clients with various issues, tax attorneys excel in settling tax issues. Tax attorneys who work in private law firms advise their clients on tax planning and management. Additionally, tax attorneys are licensed to represent clients in a tax court or during an audit before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While many business owners understand the significance of having a secretary and a bookkeeper available to them, few understand the similarly huge need of having a tax attorney.At Lifeback Tax, our team of tax experts includes staff that are licensed tax attorneys who have the experience and knowledge to properly represent you before the IRS and state.

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What Are the Benefits of a Tax Attorney?

Tax law is known to be one of the most complicated areas of law. Each country has its own tax structure, often applied at both local and national levels, with complicated laws, regulations, and exemptions. An attorney specializing in tax matters must be numerical, apply complex rules to often more complex situations, and understand various legal ramifications. Tax attorneys typically provide the following services to businesses and individual taxpayers. Those services include, but are not limited to:

Tax Attorney help with Tax Planning

Tax attorneys can act as financial managers by providing financial guidance to clients regarding issues such as business tax. Your tax attorney will play an advisory role and caution you when you're heading towards financial anguish. Tax attorneys will advise you in each progression and steer you to the correct way when your funds start to wave a warning at the IRS.

Tax Attorney help with Tax Problems

Tax attorneys can likewise safeguard your privileges when you are facing tax liability. If you are facing serious tax issues, our tax attorneys can help eliminate your problems and demonstrate your innocence to legal tax authorities. Additionally, our tax attorneys can lessen punishments, eliminate tax liens if conceivable, release wage garnishments and negotiate when necessary with state or IRS authorities.

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If you are in the process of choosing a tax lawyer, conduct adequate research to determine if they are actual lawyers who have passed the bar exam and are qualified to help handle your tax matters. You should take precautionary steps to ensure your chosen tax expert is knowledgeable in various aspects of tax laws.

The Lifeback IRS tax attorneys have extensive experience in income tax, state tax, and international tax. Our tax attorneys specialize in providing relief from IRS tax problems and are qualified to represent you before the state or IRS. We can also help you clarify internal tax issues and optimize payroll, corporate tax exemption, as well as other trade tax obligations. If you are facing IRS or state tax problems, don't hesitate! Contact Lifeback Tax today for a free consultation.

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