Donald Woodward. LifeBack TaxAdministrative Assistant

Donald Woodward - Administrative Assistant

Donald Woodward

Donald Woodward    

Administrative Assistant of LifeBack Tax

Hello everyone, my name is Donald. I am born and raised in Los Angeles and have spent my life serving others, including serving the community at a nonprofit since I was a teenager where I maintain and operate historic transit vehicles to preserve the history of rail transit of Southern California.

My professional life started as a technician in aerospace, but the instability forced me to seek work in another field. I since obtained my degree in accounting and have worked for over a decade in inventory management for an international corporation. Unfortunately, like many others, I was affected by the COVID-19 layoffs and needed to find another position, which brought me to Lifeback Tax.

I find Lifeback Tax to be a family environment where people here care for their clients. There are places that think of their customers and employees as only numbers, but here at Lifeback Tax, they are people. I'm glad to have found someplace that shares my philosophy of serving others to find the best-structured resolution for the client.