Part-Time CFO Services

Eventually, every growing business requires professional financial advice. Having an experienced and qualified financial expert is a beneficial resource for growing businesses. However, not every company can afford a full-time CFO or controller as it can often be financially burdening.

Lifeback Tax recognizes that not all companies can afford to hire a full time CFO. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we offer part time CFO services, provided by our professional finance managers who will work alongside you to guide your business towards success!

For a fraction of the price, our highly qualified team will provide you with the professional insight needed to grow and manage your business.

Lifeback Tax Fractional CFO Services

Part-Time CFO Services FAQs

Yes. A part-time CFO is often called a fractional CFO. A part time CFO may also be referred to as a virtual CFO in some situations.

Part-time or fractional CFO services provide the opportunity to have support from a professional with expertise as a CFO without having to provide a salary or benefits to the individual.