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Running a small business can be challenging as businesses often struggle to survive during the ups and downs of the economy. One of the most basic details that many small businesses fall behind on is payroll taxes. Payroll taxes are the employer's portion of the Social Security, Medicare and Federal tax that needs to be remitted to the government and withheld from the employee’s gross pay.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers failure to pay payroll taxes as embezzlement, which can result in criminal charges. In addition, the responsible party is assumed to be 100% liable for their actions. These actions can result in the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, often known as the Civil Penalty, allowing the IRS to collect taxes against the responsible party through garnishments, wage levies, federal tax liens and IRS seizures.

Unpaid payroll taxes can result in the filing of business tax liens, which may hinder a business’ ability to obtain credit from banks. If a business has unpaid payroll taxes, it is highly recommended to seek the help of a tax professional, as the IRS will more than likely assign a Revenue Officer (RO) to collect the unpaid tax.

Our highly qualified team of tax professionals at Lifeback will be able to evaluate and determine the best methods for dealing with unpaid payroll taxes and establish a structured resolution for your business.

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