Attn: National Tax Security Week is coming up!


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The Internal Service Revenue (IRS) has announced its fifth annual National Tax Security Week. This initiative is being launched in order to educate taxpayers on the security precautions they should take to avoid fraud and identity theft. National Tax Security Week will begin on Monday November 30, 2020 and ends Friday December 4, 2020. Each day will focus on a different precautionary measure for individuals to protect themselves from fraud.

During these difficult times, the IRS warns taxpayers that fraudsters are taking advantage of the pandemic. COVID-19 related scams are more common than you would think! To initiate this proposal, the IRS is assigning a specific security measure for each day of the week. Listed below are the themes for each day:

Day 1
Protect your personal and financial information online

Day 2
User multi factor authentication

Day 3
Get an Identity Protection Pin IP PIN

Day 4
Focusing on small businesses that are likely to be targeted for identity theft

Day 5
Urging tax professionals to double check their security measures

To learn more about National Tax Security Week, click on this link.