Back Taxes Owed to State FAQs

It depends on where you live. Contact your state’s Department of Revenue and an agent can assist you. Sometimes this information will appear on your credit report.

You can contact your state’s Department of Revenue and review their policies. Each state will have different requirements. It is also recommended you seek advice from a local tax specialist or counsel.

No. Stimulus payments are protected from garnishment by the federal and state authorities.

It means that the proper tax amount was not withheld from your paycheck and paid to your state government.

The statute of limitations for collection of state tax debt will depend on the state in which you live.

Possibly. It depends on the factual circumstances of the case and if the state determines there is evidence of criminal activity.

It depends. Generally, the US forbids jailing debtors. However, jailing debtors continues to occur in several states including:
• Arizona
• Florida
• Illinois
• Oklahoma
• Utah
• Washington, and others
It is advised you seek the advice of a local tax specialist or attorney.